Two years ago, we went to Oxford as a friend had just moved there and organized a house warming. We had a great time there, and decided to establish a new tradition for that, the Biennal Oxford BBQ, where we would come every other year to this famous city to share quality time with friends around a BBQ.

2017 07 - Oxford-25.jpg

2017 07 - Oxford-16.jpg

2017 07 - Oxford-18.jpg

Things move fast, and this year we came back for a second and probably last time as she is moving to another wonderful city in Europe, which we will soon be visiting, of course.

2017 07 - Oxford-4.jpg

2017 07 - Oxford-13.jpg

2017 07 - Oxford-12.jpg

The good thing of coming back to a place you know is that you can slow down during your stay. Walk slowly, and enjoy every piece of the city a bit more. I come from a few weeks getting up early, and this weekend was not an exception, so I went for a long walk along the Thames River and into an empty Oxford, where most of these pictures were taken.

2017 07 - Oxford-11.jpg

2017 07 - Oxford-5.jpg

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