New York, New York

Back and recovered from the trip to New York City of last week. I think there is no better way to enjoy some days off than travelling to some unknown place and enjoy the sun walking from dawn to dusk. New York was not an exception. Furthermore, when you get to NYC for the first […]


Last long weekend I went with Nes to Kraków, in Poland. It has been my first time in Poland. Even though I was tempted to go during my Erasmus in Germany, I finally did not cross the border. Now, this trip has shown me a very nice city and an interesting country. Some observations during […]

Beijing: Forbidden City

One of the reasons to visit Beijing is the Forbidden City. To tell you the truth, when I was a child I did not really know what was this about. I knew it was in Peking, and that was some kind of palace (I was right with this) but I thought the entrance was really […]

Beijing: Tiananmen Square

Sooooo… Here I am, in Beijing. Also known by many (foreign) people as Peking. I got a very good located hostel, very nice atmosphere… but freezing in Winter, because it was not that well neither isolated nor heated, and the temperature was slightly low: my first day we had a windy day with -16ºC. The […]

Back again

I am back in Tokyo. I am getting used again to the silence of this country, to the big smiles even though they do not understand you, and to the fact of the paying what the price tag says,.reunion with real sushi, plenty of pending housework… :S