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Filomena – Snowstorm in Madrid

  • 23/Jan/2021 at 21:45

The major snowstorm in more than a century in Madrid is a good excuse to resume the blogging activity, even if that means skipping (for the moment) two years of travelling.

Although snow is not rare in Madrid, this year’s storm, called Filomena, beat all records: more than 50 cm covered the city in less than 24 hours and collapsed the city for a week.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-3.jpg

Everyone enjoyed this unique moment in its own way: parents went out to the street to make the first snowmen, using their kids as an excuse to play with the snow; skiers converted the avenues of Madrid in ski slopes, and the subway in ski lifts; and some others just wandered around a totally different city, with our eyes really open, and the cameras ready to record these memories.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-8.jpg

The first day I went out was Saturday, it was still snowing heavily since the previous afternoon, and the snow was already at my knee level in some places. We were going to have snow for some days, so I took it easy and decided to go to a nearby park (Tierno Galván) expecting it to be as pure as possible.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-7.jpg

The visual show started already in my neighbourhood, where snow covered completely the cars, and there was still little signs of life: it seemed a phantom city. Even more, with the cars that had been left in the middle of the big avenues by their owners, after trying to reach their homes when the snow level was too high for that. Snow plows were trying to open some roads, mainly for the emergency services. One police car went of the clean road due to lack of skills by the driver, and we had to push it back to the path… Everything was “slightly” different from usual.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-17.jpg

The worst part of this storm was for the trees, though. They are not used nor designed for standing so much weight on their branches, and many were breaking off as I passed by. This made me avoid walking too close to any big tree, just in case, especially from the evergreen ones.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-16.jpg

When I reached the park, I had already seen a few skiers exploring the city on their skis, and who were as excited as any kid could be. “I’m wearing blizzard goggles in Madrid! Who would say?”. They were right. It did not look like Madrid. The park looked like any park in places thousands of km North from where I was. It could be Scandinavia, but it was Spain.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-23.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-26.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-33.jpg

After the park, I started coming back home. My plan was to do a stopover and get a hot chocolate with churros, but the place I had in mind was closed, as any other place in the city that day. But that allowed me to pay a visit to the major highway in the city, the M-30. It is a ring around Madrid centre, with a length of 30 km, 6-10 lanes, and always full of cars at high speed. That morning, some teenagers were making snowmen once they recovered from their initial surprise: “I am in the M-30, Mum, I am in the M-30, look”, they said while doing a video call.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena-40.jpg

The next day, still cold, but not snowing, it was time for a long walk downtown. Although the streets had already been stepped by many people the day before, the views were still unique, and not so many people had gotten up that early. Cars were still extremely rare, and the streets were mostly for the pedestrians. The normally beautiful sights in the city looked even better now, having replaced cars by a lot of snow.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-8.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-14.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-20.jpg

Just to keep record for myself, the tour started surrounding the Retiro park (closed to avoid accidents), and continued through Puerta de Alcalá, Gran Vía, Preciados, Puerta del Sol, Royal Palace, Latina, and Atocha.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-29.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-35.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-40.jpg

The snow weekend ended with some snow removing from the terrace, the cornice, and even the streets. The temperatures would fall way under 0 degrees from that night, and we did not want ice to be falling from the buildings, nor having an ice rink in our street.

2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-44.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-49.jpg
2021 01 - Nieve en Madrid - Filomena - Dia 2-53.jpg

It has been a wonderful way to start 2021, in spite of the problems that snow also brought. Let’s see what else the year brings…


  • 22/May/2018 at 19:00
Cuenca es uno de esos destinos magníficos para un fin de semana, con variedad de planes culturales, naturales y gastronómicos. Si a eso le añades el encanto que tiene la nieve, y la mejor compañía que puedes tener, tu familia, esto se convierte en un fin de semana de libro. Como lo de Cuenca era una excusa para hacer un viaje juntos, nos lo tomamos con calma: un día paseando por la ciudad (y disfrutando de sus manjares) y el segundo visitando uno de los muchos parajes naturales cercanos.

2018 03 - Cuenca-13.jpg
2018 03 - Cuenca-14.jpg

A los encantos de Cuenca, le tuvimos que añadir la nieve, que durante todo el sábado estuvo acompañándonos, mientras paseábamos arriba y abajo sus calles, cruzábamos el puente sobre el río Huécar para ver las Casas Colgadas (que no Colgantes), confirmábamos una vez más lo poquita cosa que es, o intentábamos ver las vistas desde el Castillo. Además, de mi anterior visita, rescaté el Refugio Antiaéreo, esta vez con una visita teatralizada para los niños, pero acabó siendo una mala opción…

2018 03 - Cuenca-4.jpg

2018 03 - Cuenca-3.jpg

El domingo decidimos cambiar la ciudad por la naturaleza y fuimos al Nacimiento del Río Cuervo. Recuerdo vagamente haber estado ahí hace unos años, pero estoy seguro de que no olvidaré la visita de este año. En mi familia, a todos sin excepción, niños y mayores, nos encanta la nieve.

2018 03 - Cuenca-16.jpg

Todos recordamos días en nuestra vida durante o después de una gran nevada, y el disfrute asociado a jugar con ella… El día anterior en Cuenca había estado nevando todo el día, pero no había cuajado. En cambio, mientras subíamos por la Serranía de Cuenca, pudimos ver que allí había sido diferente, y había caído una nevada de libro. Todo tenía ese aspecto de cuento (creo que hoy lo llaman Juego de Tronos) cubierto por la nieve, que no había sido pisada en su gran mayoría. El pequeño paseo hasta el nacimiento del río desde la carretera, era por un camino en mitad de un bosque blanco, en el que las pequeñas ramas, cuando se agitaban levemente por una brisa de aire, dejaban caer una lluvia de fina nieve…

2018 03 - Cuenca-24.jpg

Después de jugar con la nieve, sólo quedaba reponer fuerzas con un buen plato de cordero en el centro, y vuelta a nuestros respectivos hogares.

2018 03 - Cuenca-20.jpg

Snowing in Madrid

I forgot to share here in the blog some pictures I took on January 8th, when it snowed in Madrid. I was lucky enough to take a flight that night which was able to land in Madrid airport. It took quite a long time till we got into the terminal, but it was really worth waiting for this view of my aircraft and some others in front of T-4.

0110 Nevada - 04 0110 Nevada - 01


As promised, some pictures from my last trip to Stockholm.

The classic Gamla Stan…

Gamla Stan

… the frozen lake …

Stockholm and IceFrozen LakeStockholm Town Hall Frozen

… a lamp I liked for some strange reason …


… and, a customs office (typical, typical…)


Yes, I know, strange pictures… Maybe the snow got me crazy. 😉


Just a short update to share a couple of pictures I took yesterday after it started snowing again here. I love seeing everything white as it is now, even though locals complain  that March is  not the right time for the snow (too late, they say… it’s not that dark anymore -I could argue against this…- and therefore they do not need the brightness of the snow). Anyway, for a couple of weeks I’m up here, I like to see this, and see the snow falling and so on… 🙂

Snow at Stockholm

Snow at Stockholm

By the way, I will be out enjoying more snow at its best in a ski resort in the next few days. I promise to do the picture selection after that. 🙂

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